Two guard dogs that protected Prince William on RAF duty are destroyed days after he quits because they couldn’t be redeployed or re-homed

  • Prince left his role as a search and rescue pilot in North Wales last week
  • Within days of his last shift, his two guard dogs were destroyed on Friday
  • MoD said Belgian shepherd Brus had ‘come to the end of his work life’ while German shepherd Blade couldn’t be reassigned to other duties

Two guard dogs that protected Prince William as he worked for the RAF have been destroyed within days of his final shift.

Brus, a Belgian shepherd, and Blade, a German shepherd, were put down after the prince left his role as a search and rescue pilot in North Wales.

The dogs were destroyed on Friday after air force bosses decided they could not be redeployed or placed with a family.

The Ministry of Defence said Brus, aged seven and a half, ‘had come to the end of his work life’ while Blade, nine and a half, could not be reassigned to other duties due to ‘a record of veterinary and behavioural issues’.

The Duke of Cambridge finished his last shift at the RAF Valley in Anglesey last Tuesday.

It is believed that the two dogs were put down on Friday – but last night the MoD said the timing was ‘entirely coincidental’.

A spokesman stressed that the prince did not work with the dogs, which were used to provide extra security at the base.

‘The department’s policy is to re-home all military working dogs at the end of their  service life wherever practicable,’ he said.

‘Regrettably, however, there are occasions when they have to be put down.

'This action is only ever taken as a last resort. Unfortunately in this case the dogs were unsuitable for re-homing or alternative  duties and so sadly, for the animal’s welfare, they had to be put down.’

An RAF source said: ‘To be clear they were RAF Valley security patrol dogs, not sole protection for Prince William. The timing of their sad demise is purely coincidental.

'These dogs had played an invaluable role offering security to our personnel over many years and were much loved by their handlers, who had an extremely strong bond with them.

‘Sadly these dogs had a record of veterinary and behavioural issues which meant that they could not be reassigned to other duties and they were too aggressive to be kept at home.’

A spokesman for the prince declined to comment.

adoptpets: These poor dogs spent their entire lives working for humans, and humans repay them by killing them as soon as they are no longer needed to work for humans. The  RAF’s bullshit explanation makes zero sense since the dogs were capable of protecting Prince William right up until he retired. It’s not a coincidence that right after he retired both dogs were murdered.
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